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Drew Verlee18:09:07

When cloudformation fails, is there a way to get the full logs? I see the events tab, but that seems to have only a very high level overview.

Drew Verlee18:09:24

I don't see a link to any logs, maybe i have to set that up? Not sure why it wouldn't be on by default.

Daniel Craig19:09:01

it helps to look at the resources status too, but I'm sure you knew that already

Drew Verlee19:09:33

Thanks @U032ZPU44KD! we tried describe-stack-events and it didn't give a more specific reasons then "resource failed to create" when we were hoping for "resource failed to create bc.... x"

Leaf Garland19:09:46

Cloud trail events sometimes has more

Drew Verlee19:09:14

Does that require setup? I don't see anything from the cloudformation browser console that looks like a link to cloud trail.

Leaf Garland00:09:09

Cloudtrail events has everything that happens in an account. You can make custom trails and setup logging to cloudwatch etc, but you don't need it here. Between the stack events, the status of the resources in the stack, and cloudtrail events I can usually piece together what happened to a stack. Sometimes I need to look at the failed resource directly, assuming it managed to create it.

Drew Verlee01:09:46

Thanks a lot for the response. 🙂 I'll want to automate enabling cloudtrail for everything then. And then turn it off after I'm done debugging. I can piece what happened together too, but I expect the stack trace to be available. If i can't get that, then i have a cloud service startup idea. 😆