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Anyone know of an example app using #aws-lambda / nodejs / cljs to write Alexa skill?


I have created project using cljs-lambda and added alexa-sdk to :npm :dependancies in project.clj - I have deployed default function that cljs-lambda created, but looking for some example code to init alexa-sdk and implement handler


I don't know nodejs / clojurescript at all, coming from Java/Clojure, so a pointer to get met started quickly would be greatly appreciated 🙂


Thanks @juliobarros and @mobileink those look pretty neat - but look like they are for Clojure on the JVM. I was hoping to use NodeJS due to the quicker startup and lower memory usage.


But both those libs look so useful, I might switch to JVM for now - I feel more comfortable with JVM anyway 🙂


it's not out of the question that boot-ask could be extended to support clojurescript, but not anytime soon.