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@jeff.terrell in order the stuff to show up in your agenda the files need to be added to org-agenda-files.


read up the documentation on the variable: SPC F1 org-agenda-files then C-o till it jumps to variables section (because there’s also a function with the same name).


@ag - Ah, very nice. (Well, I wasn't sure when to hit C-o, but I eventually switched to my org file and hit M-x org-agenda-file-to-front and that worked.) Thank you!


Does anyone know howto set the indent-offset, in the Java layer ?


@jeff.terrell > I wasn't sure when to hit C-o if you’re using Helm, SPC F1 some-symbol opens helm-apropos. Like many other helm-buffers it contains multiple sections: for commands, functions, variables, etc. To quickly jump between the sections you can press C-o.


You, can set directory path or regex in org-agenda-files. Then all the files in that path will show up in agenda view


@ag - Ah, very cool! I actually did check out the Helm actions menu (with C-z), but didn't see C-o listed, so gave up on that. But now I see what you mean, once I try it. Neat tip, thanks!


@twashing as an example, this is how I set up indent for web mode It could be something like (setq java-mode-code-indent-offset 2), but only if the Java mode is written in the same way as the web mode.


Seems you may have to dig into the Java support in Emacs further than the Java layer


Hey @jr0cket , yeah that’s the first thing I checked. There’s indent-offset vars for web , haskell, and a few other modes...


but not for Java


Hmm, yeah that seems likely.


Sorry I cant help more. However, if you are doing Java or Scala development with Emacs you may be interested in


Oh it’s all good. I’m just trying install eclim, because the Spacemancs Java layer seems to need it.


Oh sorry. Separate problem (installing eclim)


Ensime gives you some of the features you get from a Java IDE, so possibly an alternative to Eclim (not very experienced with either, but I know one of the maintainers of Ensime)


I’m curious as to how others are installing Eclim, as it seem to be failing on my machine: MacOS 10.12.2 (edit)


@jr0cket Hmm, I’ve had success using Ensime with Scala. But if I do that, then I couldn’t use Spacemacs’ Java layer (which requires Eclim).


Sorry, again not sure. The Ensime install doent seem to require any packages except for vim (I could be reading that wrong) and uses electric-indent-mode for indenting (built into emacs 24 onwards). There is a suggestion in the install of how to set up Ensime in Spacemacs.


Gotta go, good luck.


Ah nice @jr0cket . Will check that out. Thanks!


Just an FYI for anyone trying to install eclim for Java layer support. I had an issue trying to install eclim on my MacOS 10.12.2. - - This issue helped me get most of the way there. - And these are some other issues that give context to why you would want to do the abouve. - -