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@ezmiller77 Peerserver can’t delete or create databases. Since a single peerserver could be connected to multiple transactors/backend storages at once the semantics aren’t clear what ‘create’ would mean - which backend should it use for example?

Ethan Miller15:02:52

@marshall thanks, I was starting to suspect that that was the case.

Ethan Miller15:02:34

Question, though, the client api has these functions available in datomic.client.admin. Why would these methods exist if they can’t be used. Is there another way t ouse the client library other than in combination with the peer-server?


Not at present


“composite keys” seems to be a heavily discussed topic, I read the threads from 2015-16 on how to solve individual issues with custom implementation. Whats the current status on that? Are they considered or even possible as a feature? I would love to see “composite key upsert” and “composite lookup refs”.


you could make your own composite key attribute


lookup ref: [:my/key (pr-str [:foo :bar])]


you'd have to make sure you always update the composite key when you update the individual attributes though


plus the storage requirements for the string can be way higher than each key's


I am trying to set the datomic.txTimeoutMsec property. Can you directly set it before you create the connection using, (System/setProperty "datomic.txTimeoutMsec" "1") I want to set it really low so that it will cause a timeout, but it doesn't seem to be changing the transaction timeout time.


@pesterhazy yea, currently I will need to funnel all composite key parts through one self-chosen encoded additional key attribute, with tx-fns and so on.


@lucascs what do you mean?


nottmey: if your composite keys are two longs, you can fit them in 4 bytes. (pr-str [a b]) however can be a string with 30 bytes, for example


usually that's not a problem, thou


ahh I see, yea it is indeed overhead.


@taylor.sando I think the datomic.txTimeoutMsec value is captured at static initialization time, so I don't think you can change it other than at the command line and have datomic see the new value.


@taylor.sando however, you can achieve the same effect with (deref (d/transact-async conn [,,,]) 1 nil) and check for nill


@taylor.sando Or write a helper fn to deref+throw exception for you