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cfleming: what do you think about ordering version numbers in desc order?


@U050CJFRU It actually does that since I took that screenshot.


In windows cursive repl when I start repl I get this message "Port xxxx is already being used." I used severals ports and the result is the same... Could anybody help me, please? thanks.

Figwheel: Starting server at 
Port xxxx is already being used. 
Are you running another Figwheel instance? 
If you want to run two Figwheel instances add a new :server-port (i.e. :server-port 3450)
to Figwheel's config options in your project.clj
Figwheel System not initialized.
Please start it with figwheel-sidecar.repl-api/start-figwheel!
I'm no running a another Figwheel instance


Does anyone have any experience using cursive with multiple projects that are managed via maven instead of lein?


@zylox I know there are some people using Maven - I’m not aware of any problems with it.


i dont know if this qualifies as a "problem", just something i used with counterclockwise and was wondering if a parallel existed here . I'll try to articulate what im looking for better, one sec...


also im admittedly new to the intellij space as well


Sure, let me know if you have specific questions - it’s not something a lot of people do, but it should work.


FWIW I’m using Cursive with Gradle and that works fine.


In case that’s an option for you.


With counterclockwise, if i had project a that relied on project b, and both were imported into eclipse, i could fire up a repl in a namespace in project a, lets call it namespace a.1. If namespace a.1 :requires namespace b.1 (a namespace in project b), i could modify namespace b.1 and immediately load it into my repl.


We have a large amount of clojure projects managed by maven at the moment. If we changed to anything (which is unlikely) it would likely be leiningen anyway, in which case i could use checkouts for this im pretty sure.


now i know there probably isnt a direct parallel to this as intellij inherently seems to deal with project management differently, i was only able to add multiple projects by adding them as maven projects in the maven projects window, but googling didnt turn up anything so i figured asking couldn't hurt. Surely i'm not the only one to have attempted this.


I see - I’d have to try that. I’ll try to set up a test project this afternoon.


@cfleming Ah ok cool. i'd offer up some example projects but all our stuff is internal >.<


@zylox Ok, cool. So have you tried this? Are you seeing a specific problem with it?


well i guess if i had to say there was a specific problem, it would be i don't fully understand how to work with multiple projects inter-operably using cursive. Upon further investigation it would seem that my projects in intellij are not picking each other up at all (aka using the versions from the remote maven repo), even after i build and locally install the projects from the terminal using mvn clean install, even though i just tested it in eclipse, lein, and the maven repl and they all worked....i'm starting to think i must have set up something wrong....


ill keep investigating


@zylox Have you just come from CCW?


There’s an Eclipse migration guide that might help - it’s Java focused but helps with the terminology.


i use ccw and lein depending on the task


ah this. Yes ive touched on it before but ill read through it again.


cant hurt


Ok. So one question, when you’re talking about multiple projects, are you talking about Eclipse-style projects (i.e. 1 Maven project), or an IntelliJ project with multiple modules (each of which represents a Maven project)?


when im saying project i mean it in the maven sense, though i have them imported as modules i think at the moment using the maven projects window


Ok, so you have all your Maven projects in the same IntelliJ project/window.


well the currently relevant ones


Are the dependencies between them correct? You can check this in File->Project Structure->Modules.


What you want to see is if Maven project A depends on Maven project B, that module A has a module dependency on module B, not that A is using a library produced by B


ok checking (i assume under the dependencies tab). this will take a bit, lots of dependencies


and seemingly no search


Perhaps this might be easier if you set up a simple project to start with, with just a couple of Maven deps, rather than starting with your full deal.


i should do that


Then if you do that, and it’s not working as you expect, you can just send it over and I’ll take a look.


I'll work towards that, thanks for the help. Wonderful tool, i really hope it works out for me and others on my team.


No worries, I’m glad you’re liking it!


Let me know how you get on, it’s a use case I’m interested in supporting if it doesn’t work correctly now.


If it would be useful to do a hangout or something with a screen share, let me know.


Well, in the short term it seems that intellij, and only intellij (this isnt in the pom or anything i triple checked) is looking for a version of this dependency that doesnt even exist (1.7, 1.6 is the most recent) so im going to go with some wires got crossed at some point. I'm going to wipe the slate and start over. At this point it doesnt seem to be related to cursive at all, probably just user error (sigh)


And assuming i get past this error, ill definitely be glad to flesh out the use case. We have nearly 100 projects in clojure and as you might being able imagine , the need to modify small parts of them and load them into the repl quickly and easily is a important part of that workflow.


anyway, thanks again