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Sam Ritchie13:09:22

Announcing v0.3.0 of Emmy-Viewers! This library adds powerful, interactive 2D and 3D plotting to the #emmy computer algebra system via #clerk or #portal, all from Clojure, no ClojureScript build required. v0.3.0 add lots of physics helpers that make it easier to write physics animations than cobbling something together at the bottom of the stack. ( The easiest way to play around with #emmy and Emmy-Viewers is via, thanks to @mhuebert’s amazing work. • live, 3D plotting in Maria: • interactive 2D plotting: • interactive Clerk physics simulation: The has Getting Started instructions — the easiest way to start is with the emmy-viewers/clerk template • Interactive docs: • GitHub: • Clojars: See you at Strange Loop in a few days!

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