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Roman Liutikov14:08:17

Happy to announce UIx Playground, a coding sandbox running on bootstrapped ClojureScript • Create, share, remix and embed projects • Start online in the playground, export as shadow-cljs project for local development • Comes pre-bundled with React, UIx, Tailwind, react-query, react-router-dom, Three.js and React Three Fiber (more libraries will be added in future) • Driven by Monaco editor, with basic intellisense • Code formatting on save powered by cljfmt • Bug reports and feature requests are welcomed

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Hi, impressive work. Are you going to release the source code ?

Roman Liutikov20:08:21

Thanks! No plans to open source the project in near future, but I might do it at some point.


any ability to add additional dependencies? I'd like to use this with helix & reagent. Not sure if you're open to adding explicit support for those libraries

Roman Liutikov21:08:18

@U4YGF4NGM sure! The most important part here is to make sure a library is compatible with bootstrapped cljs, so if you are up to take a look at helix and reagent I'd be happy to add them


helix is probably not compatible with bootstrapped cljs. I'd be surprised if reagent was not, given the number of other projects I think I've seen which implement a reagent playground

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Roman Liutikov22:08:44

for UIx it was relatively easy to adapt it for bootstrapped, most of complexity is in macros namespaces, I also had to disable a couple of compile time things to make it work, but other than that 99% of the library runs perfectly fine in bootstrapped (including macros and macros-based linter)

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