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seancorfield17:08:21 2.4.1066 -- the big new feature in this release is the first cut of support for temporal queries -- follow-up in #C66EM8D5H • Add :select with function call and alias example to README (PR @markbastian). • Address by making INSERT INTO (and REPLACE INTO) use the :columns or :values clauses to produce column names (which are then omitted from those other clauses). • Address by adding :alias special syntax. • Address by adding :overriding-value option to :insert clause. • Address by adding support for temporal queries (see FROM in • Address by adding examples of [:only :table] producing ONLY(table). • Add :create-or-replace-view to support PostgreSQL's lack of IF NOT EXISTS for CREATE VIEW. • Attempt to clarify the formatting behavior of the :values clause when used to produce column names. • Update to 0.9.5 (and remove :java-opts setting from build/run-task)

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