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Ingy döt Net15:08:42

I need help doing something with leiningen :managed-dependencies. My repo is pushed here: (note the clojure branch) I have 2 subdirectories: • clojure - defines a yamlscript.core library • libyamlscript - defines a libyamlscript.core library ◦ The libyamlscript.core lib wants to depend on the local yamlscript.core lib In the ./libyamlscript/ directory, lein repl fails to start. I'm a lein rookie. @hifumi123 pointed me towards :managed-dependencies but I'm stuck here.

Ingy döt Net15:08:50

If nobody here knows I can cross post in #C0AB48493 or wait for @hifumi123 🙂


did you install the dependent project beforehand

Ingy döt Net19:08:02

Try running lein repl from the libyamlscript dir in the clojure branch