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org.clj-commons/pretty 2.0 Pretty prints things prettily; mostly, carefully formatted exception output using ANSI colors, smarter ordering, and name-demangling to take the pain out of figuring out what went wrong, and where. This release moves the library to clj-commons, and changes the root namespace from io.aviso to clj-commons. It strips down the library to its essentials, removing the columns, component, and logging namespaces entirely. Changes: • Stripped out a lot of redundant documentation • Reworked the ansi namespace to primarily expose the compose function and not dozens of constants and functions • ansi determines whether to enable or disable ANSI codes at execution time • ansi now honors the NO_COLOR environment variable • Stripped out code for accessing the clipboard from the repl namespace • Some refactoring inside exceptions namespace, including changes to the *fonts* var • Removed the logging namespace and dependency on org.clojure/tools.logging • Removed the component namespace, but the example is still present in the documentation • Ensure compatible with Clojure 1.10 and above (now tested in GitHub action) • The "use -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow" warning is now formatted, and is output only once • write-exception was renamed to print-exceptionwrite-binary and write-binary-delta renamed to print-binary and print-binary-deltacompose can now pad a span of text with spaces (on the left or right) to a desired width • Binary output now includes color coding

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@U04VDKC4G Thank you very much for taking this on! I'm seeing a few confusing things though: • The post here says "2.0", the badge on github says "1.0", the Releases page on github says "1.4" • Clicking on the badge to go to Clojars, I see "clj-commons/humanize" listed as the github repo for clj-commons/pretty • Clicking on the link "" in Github takes me to a page about clj-commons/humanize • Trying to use version 2.0 of clj-commons/pretty did actually work 🎉


The 2.0 vs. 1.0 thing should be straightened out now; it was a bad push of humanize (with a cut-and-paste of pretty’s build.clj). Clojars deleted the offending jar.

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org.clj-commons/humanize 1.0 Back from the dead! humanize is a small Clojure[Script] library to format things in a human-readable format, such as file sizes, time durations, and lists. New in 1.0: • Refactored namespaces with move to clj-commons • Update dependencies and fix linter issues • Other minor improvements

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