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borkdude19:07:24 static analyzer and linter for Clojure code that sparks joy 2023.07.13 • warn on symbol in case test using new opt-in linter :case-symbol-test new linter, :unsorted-imports new :deprecated-namespace linter • analyze and act on defprotocol metadata ( • Consider .cljd files when linting ( • false positive with if-some + recur java.util.List type hint corresponds to :list or nil • apply :arglists metadata to :arglist-strs for analysis data ( • warn on reader conditional usage in non-cljc files • false positive :redundant-fn-wrapper in CLJS when passing keyword to JS • protocol methods do not support varargs • Setting clj-kondo.hooks-api/*reload* to true does not lint with the latest hook changes. • private vars starting with _ should not be reported as unused • warn about reader conditional features that are not keywords, e.g. #?(:clj 1 2) (2 is not a keyword) • false negative unused value in clojure.test • redefined var comment edge case • Rename :quoted-case-test-constant to :case-quoted-test • Rename :duplicate-case-test-constant to :case-duplicate-test

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