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A new version of #calva just out, There’s there since last announcement, I’ll just mention the last addition here: Fiddle Files Support. I’m a big fan of fiddle files as described in episode 014 of the #clojuredesign-podcast, and I have been wanting to add some extra support for it in Calva ever since that aired. Now I have done so: It’s very much the MVP. Feedback welcome. 🙏 ❤️ calva

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Daniel Mason14:07:59

🚀 #CG3AM2F7V version 1.24.0 has just been released! This release is focused on a number of enhancements to XTDB's checkpointing system. Checkpointing is an important concept for production deployments as it allows XTDB to scale out in a cluster and spin up new nodes quickly without having to replay the transaction log from the start each time on every node. Release notes here: Thank you to everyone who helped us with designing and testing these enhancements 🙌

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