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FYI: I am starting work on -- which will mostly involve copying parts of my archived build-clj into parts of Polylith and then simplifying the code, based on not needing most of the options ("knobs & dials"). Q for @tengstrand: The :dev alias in Polylith's workspace-level deps.edn includes a dependency on build-clj but I don't see any reason for that? (also deps-deploy -- seems like both of those deps should only be in the :build alias?)


Yes, agree, it’s should not be included in the :dev alias, only in the :build alias.

Yuhri Graziano Bernardes21:07:25

Hi everyone. I'm trying to use polilyth-kaocha wrapper to run my workspace tests and I have integration tests and unit tests. I'd like to run them separately, but I'm not finding how could I use the "focus-meta" or programatically choose which. kaocha config poly should use for unit or integration tests. Does anyone knows how to do it? (Or a example project)

Kent Bull21:07:00

I would like to know this answer as well. I want to use Kaocha with Polylith.


In kaocha proper you'd do that via cli args, which is currently a gap in pk with an open issue: However there are a couple of hooks pk offers, you might be able to use those to send in an altered config to kaocha

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