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Dunno what’s best. It was advertised as “Data Structures”. I thought about putting one together on that but it wouldn’t be as good and would steal a subject you prepared for. I can offer to present your notes or present separately on ui elements (reagent reframe redux react … those “re” things. Whatever works for folks. @austin.meier best wishes and hope to see you next meetup.

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Feel free to go with whatever you have that you'd like to present on. We may advertise one thing and sub another, it's fine. Everyone will understand.


ok. to confirm where we are at. Q: is this an all online event or at a boulder Silicon Flatirons spot? Q: how long should I plan on talking (this is asked for everyones safety and sanity)?


I plan on including a Zoom link since the room is wired for it but I wasn't going to heavily promote the remote option since it's more complicated and we're just getting our feet under us. So it is a hybrid event with an emphasis on those who are there in person.


Your talk should be 20-45 minutes depending on what you want to do. Remember this is a group made of volunteers, we'll do what we can. We've had great sessions where folks would walk through a library or some code with the group and didn't have anything planned.


I'm still putting things together too 🙂


cook thanks