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The latest cursive seems to not include “Aliases to enable by default” anymore? I have a project with many deps.edn files with “nil” coordinates which are supplied by an alias’s :default-deps. (It has :override-deps too). You basically can’t use these deps.edn files without the alias. Formerly I added this alias to the default and cursive evaluation of dependencies worked fine; now none of them work and I get the error Bad coordinate for library <some coordinate here>, expected map: nil


That alias I need is also strangely not listed on the “clojure deps” tool window under “Aliases”, even though other custom aliases are.


I downgraded to to fix.


So the main problem here is that the alias doesn’t appear. The “Aliases to enable by default” setting was just used for new projects, and controlled which aliases were selected when the project was set up. After that it had no effect (and in fact had been broken for a while:


I’m not sure why that alias wouldn’t appear. I’ll see if I can reproduce based on your description - there is at least one problem I’m aware of at the moment with :override-deps but it doesn’t sound like this. If I can’t reproduce it you have some time, I’ll get you to create a small repo with a similar structure to your actual project that I can use to debug.


Ok, I’m not sure if it’s exactly your problem, but :default-deps is definitely not working correctly. I’ll investigate.


Ok, I know what the problem is. The issue is that this project can’t be synced without that alias set, and Cursive always tries to resolve a project in the default config as well as with the aliases set. As a workaround, if you set those deps to have a valid version instead of nil, things should work. They’ll still be overridden when you use the alias, of course.


This should be fixed in 1.13.1-eap1, out now.

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