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delaguardo13:01:05 an extension for to make generated json compliant with RFC 8785 and useable for cryptographic operations.

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Mark Wardle16:01:10

Announcing - SNOMED CT medical terminology server and library, in use now in many countries (!), including UK supporting user-facing clinical applications as well as used in a number of clinical research projects. Since the last announcement here, changes: Native support for Apple Silicon; Much improved command-line operation; Even faster import and processing; Minor fixes and improvements, including rejigging internal namespace structures; Added namespace visualisation to documentation.

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Mark Wardle16:01:56

Thanks to for the nice namespace visualisation (helping spot weirdness in namespace relationships).

Mark Wardle16:01:16

And I discussed how I've used hermes (and other Clojure-based work)( for a project for the European medicines regulator at reClojure 22:

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Would the link behind "SNOWMED-ST" help dummies like me? πŸ™‚ Hmm, I have always beat on the http://FDA.GOV (?) adverse reactions endpoints in my async demos. I am guessing Hermes will take me to another level. mxWeb needs a demo project. Gotta go check if snomed needs a decent, programmable browser...

Mark Wardle09:01:05

Thanks @U0PUGPSFR - you should be able to download the US edition from the NLM - there are licensing requirements that mean you'll probably need to sign up to your national release centre - I don't set those licensing requirements of course - but once you have downloaded an edition, or two, then you can use hermes to import and run a local, or cloud based server. We run on local server infrastructure in one facility, but I know of others using Google Cloud Run for example, and I have another running on AWS for another project, and for analytics, I use running locally. Let me know if you have any issues and I'll try to help!


Thanks! I got as far as the licensing requirements and punted. πŸ™‚ Thx for the offer of help, tho!

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First release of Pathom 3 this year, [com.wsscode/pathom3 "2023.01.24-alpha"] is out! This release fixes some issues that were pending for a while: β€’ Fix multiple inclusions of attribute error resolver (issue #175) β€’ Fix stack overflow on nested attribute cycles (issue #168) β€’ Fix batch waiting execution order (issue #169) Thanks for all the users that reported and helped me debug those!

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pathom 14
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borkdude18:01:54 configurable EDN and Clojure parser with location metadata and more 1.1.17 β€’ Add parse-next+string for reading next value + the read string (analog to read+string in Clojure)

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This was super quick! ❀️


Adding it to SCI now


I assume you can use SCI as a git dep for the time being, right?

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I bumped the version, but now I'm seeing #object[Error Error: Can't dynamically bind non-dynamic var #'clojure.core/*3] . Only switched to the new reader and parsing fn :thinking_face:


This doesn’t ring a bell. From what SCI version did you upgrade?


Repro welcome and I'll look into it


so those aren't dynamic, right


and you are binding them in portal?

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you can do this:

(alter-meta sci/*1 assoc :dynamic true)


or use sci/alter-var-root instead of binding to change them


the latter is what I'm doing in CLJS SCI REPLs