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borkdude15:12:51 static analyzer and linter for Clojure code that sparks joy 2022.12.08 • typecheck var usage, e.g. (def x :foo) (inc x) will now give a warning • add name metadata to class usage • add :duplicate-field-name linter for deftype and defrecord definitions. • constructor usage should have name-col in analysis • fix name of fully qualified class usage • suppress . analysis from .. macroexpansion • suppress new analysis from (String. x) expansion • use namespace-munge for resolving hook files rather than munge don't consider **, *** etc. to be a dynamic vars • treat var or local reference as unused value when not in tail position • int can be cast to double • clj-kondo marks args in definterface as unused • analyze definterface more similarly to defprotocol for lsp-navigation • add hooks-api/generated-node? function to check if a node was generated •, use re-find for ns groups rather than re-matches

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#polylith, poly, released. Here are a couple of the biggest news: • External Test runner • Show warning 206, if a namespace can't be parsed • Ignore empty or commented out source files

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