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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)06:12:50

Announcing a new release of Manifold, your handy-dandy async and streaming library: As well as a few bugs and minor improvements, the big changes are: β€’ Added windowing fns dropping-stream and sliding-stream. We've had cut-and-paste versions floating around for a while, but people keep looking for them, so they've been added. Many thanks to @rschmukler for the contribution! β€’ Java 8 is now the minimum supported version.

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CIDER’s stacktrace analyzer has been extracted from cider-nrepl into a standalone Clojure library called Haystack Big thanks for @r0man, who tackled this task! I hope that some of you will find Haystack useful!

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I'm glad you can support io.aviso/pretty stack traces. I would note that the README was a bit odd; the library is Pretty, the organization is Aviso (the company I was working at when I developed io.aviso/pretty initially).


So calling the format and library Aviso was just a bit jarring.


(did I mention that the new library can parse pretty much every Clojure stacktrace format in existence today? πŸ˜‰ Good stuff!)

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