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A new release of promesa library -- funcool/promesa {:mvn/version "10.0.571"} -- A promise library & concurrency toolkit for Clojure & ClojureScript. Relevant changes (mainly focused on JVM/Clojure): • Fixes and API stabilization on promesa.exec.csp (channels & csp patterns for Clojure, that leverages vthreads) • Add mult support to promesa.exec.csp • Make promesa.exec.csp/pipe (and many other helpers) do not need internal go-block, making them viable to use in non-vthreads supporting runtime. • Allow Duration instances to be passed for schedule and many other timeout related arities. • Add genera purpose promesa.core/await! helper for uniformly wait blocking current thread an asynchronous work termination (such that Thread, CountDownLatch, or CompletableFuture, where each one implements its own mechanism and await! unifies it under single API call, do not be confused with async/await functionality) • Add mcat, merr, hmap, hcat and fnly promise composition functions that intends to be used with ->> instead of -> and focused on performance/efficiency because they a re not performing defensive unwrapping (in difference to then, handle and catch) • Add some convenience helpers for working with threads and vthreads (such that: interrupt, check interruption flag, sleeping, ...) • General code cleaning and internal efficiency improvements.

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