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There's a new 1.1.0 release of [com.amperity/ken](, an observability and tracing library. This release aligns the tracing identifiers and header support with OpenTelemetry's W3 Trace Context standard, making interoperation with other OTel-based tools more plug-and-play.

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Mark Wardle21:11:18

Pleased to announce, a clojure SNOMED CT terminology server and library, live in use across a number of health care facilities in the World, including the UK. Used as a terminology server, but also embeddable into real-time data pipelines and batch analytics. Rather than the usual approach of creating, and caring for a single terminology server, hermes creates what should be regarded as immutable data files, and you can containerise and switch at the API gateway level, treating terminology resources as cattle, and not pets. Since I last posted, the important changes are: • Improved autocompletion results for typeahead functionality for medical terms • Better support for dimensionality reduction for analytics, including mapping to simple reference sets (subsets) and intersecting a set of concepts with an expression • Fixes to indexing when source data contains duplicate items in which one relationship is active and another representing the same relations is inactive. Hermes is a single component of a wider suite of health and care tooling, to which it composes using a graph API (Pathom), but it can be used standalone as a HTTP server, used as a HL7 FHIR terminology server via, as an embedded library with either clojure or java APIs. Most of the heavy lifting is done by lmdb and Apache Lucene.

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As I am not a clinician or employed in health a lot of the domain goes over my head - but just wanted to say your stuff is always really nicely organised, documented and the code is clean and clear, therefore I think they could be really nice reference Clojure programs for anyone looking for real-world examples, bravo 👍 ❤️ 👏

Mark Wardle15:11:05

Thanks! That’s very kind of you to say.


Just released build.edn ver 0.8.174, Library making your Clojure library build process easy. Added version operation like "bump-major-version"

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nice work here @UBL24PLE6! for new Clojure users, it would be beneficial to understand what build.edn does differently to the other options in this space e.g. /, or just using plain old deps.edn + CLI. trade-offs, founding principles, etc

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