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HoneySQL -- Turn Clojure data structures into SQL -- com.github.seancorfield/honeysql {:mvn/version "2.4.947"} -- -- this is a fairly release in terms of impact and focuses mostly on improving DDL support: • Fix by rewriting how DDL options are processed; also fixes and; Whilst this is intended to be purely a bug fix, it has the potential to be a breaking change -- hence the version jump to 2.4! • Fix by supporting options on TRUNCATE. • Address by showing CREATE TEMP TABLE etc. • Fix -- WHERE false differed between the DSL and the where helper. • Address by treating :' as introducing a name that should be treated literally and not formatted as a SQL entity (which respects quoting, dot-splitting, etc); this effectively expands the "escape hatch" introduced via in 2.2.868. Note that the function context behavior formats as a SQL entity, rather than the usual SQL "keyword", whereas this new context is a literal transcription rather than as a SQL entity! • Address by adding set-options!. • Address by supporting multiple column names in ADD COLUMN, ALTER COLUMN, DROP COLUMN, and MODIFY COLUMN. Follow-up in #C66EM8D5H

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assertie — new Clojure(Script) library of assertion macros.

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Promesa -- A promise library & async toolkit for Clojure and ClojureScript -- funcool/promesa {:mvn/version "9.0.507"} -- Relevant changes: • Add bulkhead (concurrency limiter) pattern (JVM only for now) • Add with-executor helper macro for define scoped thread executor for promesa api (experimental), with the ability to optionally shutdown or shutdown&interrupt the executor on the end of scope. • Add pmap function (analogous to the clojure.core/pmap but a bit simplified and with the ability to set custom executor thanks to with-executor macro or clojure.core/binding) (also experimental). • Initial support of Loom/JDK19 virtual threads with new helpers: p/vthread-call, p/vthread (macro). • Documentation improvements and restructuring • Drop support for JDK<11 In development: • Channels (intended to be used with virtual threads or standard threads, no go macro) • Improvements to the bulkhead/concurrency limiter pattern

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