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Carsten Behring07:09:56

I am proud to announce a new release of the clj-py-r template for Clojure. It creates a template Clojure project with a Dockerfile, which allows to use python, R and Julia(new in 1.4.0) from a Docker based nrepl without any configuration. See here for more information:

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Somehow I missed that you'd released this; This is great!


I've released a new ring-compatible HTTP library for cljs, cljs-http-promise It's a fork of the popular but returns promises instead of core.async channels which hopefully give better semantics. There is also a new martian package for it as well:

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:09:16

Clojure CLI is now available ā€¢ Fix nested session cache computation for local pom model building ā€¢ Update to latest AWS API libs ā€¢ Downgrade Maven resolver libs to better match Maven core libs ā€¢ Use 0.12.1048

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Dimitar Uzunov15:09:01

Thanks for the release! Will the resolver changes help with ?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:09:53

in one case we can repro, yes, but I am not confidant that it is "the" answer