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Hi all, is there a way to evaluate a form at a bookmark? I have a common workflow of tweaking a form elsewhere in the file or a different file, and needing to jump back somewhere and then eval from the caller. Something similar to what conjure does?


Not familiar with what Conjure does. Can you describe?


Hi @U0ETXRFEW, sure. What you can do is set a bookmark using common vim bindings, and then you can do something like e(eval) +m(mark) + the key you bookmarked - This will eval and send to the output buffer but not move you away from the current cursor location.


You can be in a different file as well


I feel it’s similar to how you can have shortcuts snippets in calva when pressing ctrl + command + space - only the ones in conjure are much more ephemeral. Now that I think about it, is there a way to update those snippets in calva dynamically without editing the snippet script?


I was also thinking it is similar to snippets. Maybe there is a way we can make it easy to register a snippet w/o editing settings…


Yeah that would be great @U0ETXRFEW


Hi, I'm setting up a 'calva mode' on my keyboard for the common paredit commands. They're all working great except slurp/barf back. following these should be ctrl+alt+shift+left/right arrow. I can't see that using these combinations does anything. Any idea what I might be missing? I'm on Ubuntu Linux


Might be a bug in the documentation. The shortcuts are ctrl+alt+right/left


Hm, I'm not seeing anything on those either. Though I can see those are the slurp/barf forward commands on Windows/Mac


Apparently I can just change them in the editor. C+A+S+,/. like the forwards seems to work OK


Ah. sorry, i missed back.


I can only guess that something else is bound to that and wins over Calva. Probably outside VS Code.

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Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to get the repl to be at the bottom of the screen rather than as an editor? Also is there a way to get a full stack trace? When I press on the Print Stack trace it never references any of the lines in my code?


The output window is an editor and can only be placed where editors can be placed. Have you tried having it in the same group as your code files? There’s a command for opening it and the same command brings you back to the code file.


I don’t think we filter the stacktrace. If you compare it to what Clojure prints, are there things missing?


Thanks - I am just comparing with the stack traces I typically saw in Cursive, I always had at least one reference to my code - so far in VS Code I have never seen one of my modules mentioned in the stack even though my code is causing it..


A kind of linked question comes when I load a file and its dependencies - I never see the dependencies being loaded - how can I know which files are loaded if the reply does not say?