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I'm experimenting with datomic dev-local, working out on schema, and trying the API. I tried to excise an attribute and I got an error:

:db.error/unsupported Excision is not supported in Datomic Cloud.
Is the excision available only in datomic on-premise?


The below query find all the idents being attributes:

[:find ?ident
 [?e :db/ident ?ident]
 [_ :db.install/attribute ?e]]
How to transform it to "find all idents that are NOT attributes"?


The answer is:

[:find ?ident
 [?e :db/ident ?ident]
 (not [_ :db.install/attribute ?e])]

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can a query group be deployed to a different region from the primary compute group? i suspect the answer is no, but i'm checking just in case i've missed something


^ one use case would be to deploy an Ion lambda to handle S3 events in another region, where only lambdas in that bucket's region can be associated with a trigger


they cannot

Ivar Refsdal17:09:22

Is there some recommended java version to use with datomic transactor on-prem? Java 11?