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No questions or problems, just want to take a moment to publicly sing the praises of shadow-cljs for RN development. I have successfully taken a production codebase from a Boot-driven workflow on ejected ExpoKit SDK36, to a shadow-driven, bare workflow, running on Expo SDK 42 in like two weeks, by myself. Getting a new project up and running to the point that I could copy our code and assets into place and build (this is, by the by, the officially documented way to upgrade from an old ExpoKit project to the “new” bare workflow) was so straightforward it was difficult to believe. Now, working through the breaking changes to various RN ecosystem APIs between RN 0.59 and today is, I can’t honestly say that work is a delight but at least using the REPL and the build system is easy and reliable and gets out of my way. Thanks so much, @thheller et. al!

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there is #gratitude where u could share your appreciation as well 😄


@brandon.ringe separate repo, you do not need to publish - Git deps are thing in Node.js - though way less fun than Clojure tools deps


Ah, thanks!


How do you build your library for consumption by the app? I’m currently using react-native-builder-bob to compile the component code to commonjs, partly because requiring the source itself doesn’t seem to work well, at least with shadow-cljs. I know you’re using krell, though. Maybe you’re able to just use the source as-is?


in Clojure it s easy to flip between local (via alias) and git (as the real dep)


Failed to load class org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinde is this error normal when I run clj -M -m krell.main -co build.edn -c -r the app works normally but I don't know how to solve this error and if it's something necessary to solve


@m373h4n That’s normal (and present in a lot of libraries). It’s just not finding a Log4J adapter that you might use to redirect log output somewhere.


You can add a dep for it if you want, or you can just ignore it.

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I started several projects and followed same steps sometimes I got this issue sometimes not totally randomly happening


Sometimes waiting and running same command helps sometimes not. But after I try average 5-6 times it's working normally.


Same here... any luck? 😕