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New release for ! - Now app is signed and notarized on MacOS, no need to go around gatekeeper anymore! - Pathom Viz will now auto-update - Double click on Graph View will fit the nodes, easy way to recover in case the pan/zoom gets lost

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:05:44

org.clojure/data.json 2.3.0 is now available ā€¢ Fix Make array parsing match spec - thanks @nbtheduke! ā€¢ Fix Make pprint-json much faster - thanks Nikita Prokopov for the idea+tests and @slipset for adapation into current

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Joshua Suskalo21:05:39

Announcing americano, for when you want to water down your Clojure with a little bit of Java. It provides a way to compile Java code from the Clojure CLI without code! The 1.0.0 release was just put out on Clojars.

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That looks really nice @U5NCUG8NR!

Joshua Suskalo21:05:02

Thanks! I was looking for something that could replace Badigeon or a bespoke thing in my Conditions library, and I noticed nothing else supports Java compilation by configuration, so I figured I should write it! At the moment the only thing it's lacking as far as I can tell is proper annotation support.


Awesome! I was thinking in creating something like that last time I had that issue, well done!


I'll certainly use it on clojure-lsp!

Joshua Suskalo00:05:01

Awesome! I'm excited to see the results there!


The name rocks! šŸ˜†


local, It works great @U5NCUG8NR! But the CI failed, maybe related with support for java8?

Joshua Suskalo16:05:54

I've published 1.0.1 that includes a hotfix for this issue!

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