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Jakob Durstberger07:05:57

Happy Friday y’all 🙂 How was the week for you?


Did a bit of this, bit of that, overall positive.


Started to look at investments, using a Stocks and Shares ISA

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so, learning.


I ordered a new keyboard yesterday, with cherry mx blue switches - good job no one else is nearby when I'm working these days


i also need a different keyboard for when i am on the phone or in a virtual meeting


My current keyboard has brown switches. Occasionally I get told off for typing during meetings if I forget to mute myself


I mostly try not to be doing other things during meetings - it drives me crazy when other people are not paying attention

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yeah, but that just means they shouldn't be there or the meeting is sidetracked by someone


The most annoying time is when my boss does it during 1-2-1s 😂


Have you told them you don’t like it when they do that? I’m sure they’d appreciate the point.


I thought about it


But I'm only here for another six weeks now, so I guess it's not going to happen


Ha, yeah, not much point then :)


i often take notes during 121s, which requires typing - our 121s use a shared document (all our regular meetings do the same), so that we can see history, put things in for discussion etc ... but answering emails during a 121 seems kinda dysfunctional !


I love that idea - so often the things we talk about in 1:1s disappear into the ether


At somewhere else I worked, 1-2-1s involved filling out a form, which was mostly tedious, but not entirely unhelpful


it works really well for all kinds of meetings @U0105JJK1L3 - create a google-doc, or whatever, for the meeting, and put it in the calendar entry


if you encourage a habit of looking at the doc before the meeting then you find that for some meetings, e.g. daily standups, much of what might be talked about gets dealt with in the doc comments before the meeting starts, and the meeting ends up being much shorter and very much to the point, so win!


taking notes during meeting, especially in a way that is visible to others


or during pair programming


a silent keyboard is helpful : D


Paper & Pen! Then nobody thinks you're doing email.


i know, sometimes people are jerks, but then that's a whole another problem that doesn't start at the organizing of the meeting

Jakob Durstberger10:05:33

I guess it is not that easy to determine if someone is paying attention or not. I can’t look at people when I am thinking so when I am talking to someone or am in a meeting and have to think about something then I often look to the side or stare to the ceiling. The people that work immediately with me know that but others might not. So others might think I am not paying attention when I actually do.


I used to work in an office where a couple of developers would take their laptops to all meetings and keep coding during the meeting


I mean, I found half of those meetings pointless, but I would just skip them, not go and not pay attention and code a bunch of crap that would have to be fixed later because I was distracted 😁


and a couple of days ago during a standup someone said that they had a bunch of meetings that day, but probably could code a couple of tasks during those meetings... and no one seemed to mind that (I am leaving soon, so I didn't push too much on it, but did mention that they could just not go to the meeting)


i wonder if during the building of the pyramids the skilled workers were complaining about the unnecessary meetings : D


"i probably could've cut two more corners during that pointless exercise of verbalizations"


I have a DAS Keyboard with cherry browns


The one I ordered is a Das Keyboard too


I got the 4 root, which is roughly the same, except the hub part has usb 2 ports instead of usb 3


And it was £30+ cheaper


Good choice 🙂 :thumbsup:


Yeah, I'm looking forward to trying it out. I've always wanted a Happy Hacking Keyboard, but they're pretty pricey


the happy hacking switches are so nice though... both sound and feel. They seem like they are good quality, a friend has had one for 8 years or so, and he used to carry it around to the office and it's still working fine.


Don't tempt me 😁


There has been quite a bit of progress in mechanical keyboard design in the last few years, it’s really different to 5 years ago


I just checked and the new version and they are usb-c + bluetooth, plus an even quieter version... I was ruined by columnar split layouts, so at least I'm not tempted by the hh


yeah, a bunch of keyboards now have configurable firmware, which is so so so good... These days I work from home, but a configurable keyboard was priceless when hooking it up to the locked down machines in most banks, where you couldn't even remap caps lock to ctrl


Yeah I’m typing this on a keyboardio atreus. My third split. Using these jwk shogoki switches that arrived last week. I use my old realforce topre for games. I have an unbuilt think 65v2 because I wanted to try the new style alu case and gasket mounting


@U11EL3P9U Do you use a wrist rest? My current one feels a little high with the Das Keyboard 4


Never used one


I feel they get completely in the way and makes me even more uncomfortable when I've tried them.


I might try without. I have sometimes found that they helped


I normally don't rest my wrists on the desk, I lift my hands up in a typing pose