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Emi Gal00:05:56

Was wondering if someone could help me elucidate a mystery. I have a react native app that leverages shadow-cljs + expo. It's a re-frame / reagent / react native app. My components render correctly when I run the app in the browser, but I get a blank screen (and no errors) in the iOS simulator. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

Emi Gal01:05:52

Fast Refresh is Disabled, btw.


Does the debugger have any messages that could give you a clue? What do you see in the inspector? I see the word “Modal” there as well. Is it a React Native Modal? They are great, but can be a bit tricky to get in control of.


It could be an issue that is just style related and that it doesn’t show up correctly on the simulator. Maybe try to have just a simple component like Text and see if that renders OK first.


That is strange. When I run into super weird behavior like that, I go back to “first principles”. Comment out all your code and try to render just one element in the simulator. Does that work?

Emi Gal13:05:15

Thanks for “first principles” recommendation @U050KSS8M. Did that, and it turns out I was using a library (steroid.rn.navigation.core) that had its own reload function (create-navigation-container-reload). That clashed with shadow-cljs’s reload and was messing things up when on the simulator.

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