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Franco Gasperino15:05:47

hello. I'm looking for a path to pragmatically build up a :dependencies vector from several edn-encoded files external to projects.clj. Is this the correct context where a lein plugin would be appropriate?

a. git clone repo with project
b. git clone repo with supplemental code
c. merge :dependencies from defproject in a. plus :dependencies from b.
d. execute lein :profile directives (uberjar, ...)

Juλian (he/him)19:05:49

is there an easy way to run leiningen in a docker container?


there are containers designed for this - I tend to avoid it outside the specific case of CI / build cluster setup, because an uberjar plus java plus clojure.main as an entry point gives great flexibility, with smaller startup and a smaller image size I use lein to build the uberjar, then put the ubarjar plus a jvm (no jdk needed) in a container


for starters, using lein inside a docker container to run an app means running a build tool inside your prod server, which is "unhygeinic"