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Markus Agwin11:05:36

I built and ran the biff example on W(indows)SL, works perfectly. However on MacOS, ./task dev leads to rlwrap: *warning:* clojure crashed, killed by SIGABRT. I wonder whether there is any known issue before I start to investigate?


I successfully built and upgraded biff on MacOS over the past few months without hitting that issue. I remember generally having issues on other types of builds after upgrading to Big Sur which required re-building some system components via brew.

Steven Deobald13:05:16

@U77MR6ETD It's possible that you're running into this: This is covered by this line in the Crux Quickstart: JDK: You _may_ require AdoptOpenJDK on certain macOS versions. (See crux#894.) but we'd be quite happy to refine that so it's easier for folks to get started. Do give us a shout if you have better luck with AdoptOpenJDK or if you find another solution? Quickstart is here:

Jacob O'Bryant14:05:05

That's good to know about; I'll add a link to Crux's quickstart in the biff requirements section

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Markus Agwin18:05:18

@U01AVNG2XNF, @U7YNGKDHA Changing from openjdk-11 to adoptopenjdk-11 did the trick! Thank you, the fun fine fabulous fantastic flexible frame works now!

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Jacob O'Bryant14:05:09

I'm using "A batteries-included web framework for Clojure" as the one-line description now, and it just occurred to me that "Biff" could be a backronym for something ("*B*atteries-*I*ncluded <?> *F*ramework"... I guess "*B*atteries-*I*ncluded web *F*ramework *F*or Clojure" works technically)

Steven Deobald14:05:02

Batteries-Included Firebase-like Framework? Though, at some point, Biff is likely to diverge from its original mission and that backronym might not suit.

Jacob O'Bryant14:05:53

Heh, good one... but yeah, I'm putting less emphasis on the inspired-by-firebase part


Batteries-Included Functional Framework