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Just published Atom's Chlorine version 0.8.0 (with 0.8.1 coming soon) - a great improvement for ClojureScript evaluation. Now, Chlorine implements the Shadow-CLJS remote API (it's experimental - to use it, enable Experimental Features on the package's configuration), so evaluation of code in ClojureScript is now faster, more reliable, and redirects console output in node, node-library, and browser targets. It also is coming with interesting features like showing compilation errors on the editor (with links to navigate to each error), and in the future probably even more interesting stuff. Discussions on #chlorine. Also, thanks @thheller for helping me implement these new interesting features 🙂

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A little video I made while I was developing this version:


very nice!

samedhi18:06:27 is a web app to interactively manipulate data with Github code is at The UI is with It was built using , supports all but 3 of the functions in, and allows for undo/redo of your loc manipulations. Rational: I was doing the "Cracking the Coding Interview" problems and several solutions involved using I realized that my understanding of the library was a bit limited and wanted a visual tool to mess around with This is that tool. Help: Three functions do not work; (zip/zipper), (zip/edit), and (zip/seq-zip). I have provided more details in the issue tracker. If anyone could provide pointers, help, or PR's to allow for those features I would be deeply appreciative. I have left the app-db rendering at the bottom to try to entice people to help me. 🙂 Thank you.

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Adding some examples to the page would be very helpful! you might also be interested in , which creates graphviz based graphs of zippers. I always planned to wrap it in a similar interactive site but never got around to it. You can see what these graphs look like in this talk I did