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The past few months I’ve been experiencing increasingly lag between typing and seeing characters on the screen. I wonder if other people using Cursive are experiencing this? It manifests in many different ways, but one way I can force it is by writing out a symbol name that opens the code completion prompt. That is itself usually not the laggy part, but rather is it when I backspace a couple of times and delete the final character of the symbol. If I write out the same symbol once again it doesn’t happen, so I guess some cache is being filled and this is causing the lag? I am doing this on Apple’s latest wonder laptop, the 16" Macbook pro, so it’s not my hardware.


Someone reported this here the other day.


That seems likely. The delays I’m experiencing are around 0.5-1 seconds.


Ok, I’d be interested to know if the workaround helps.


@U0567Q30W Just tried it out. I didn’t switch to the exact runtime specified, just the AdoptOpenJDK Java 13 I already had installed on my system. It actually seems to have resolved the issue! No idea if I’ve introduced any new problems by using JDK 13. I’m just happy that the editor finally stopped lagging 🙂 Thanks for directing me there.


Ok, great! I would recommend switching to the JetBrains Runtime at some point rather than vanilla OpenJDK since it has a lot of IntelliJ-related fixes.

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Yeah, I will do that now. Just couldn’t bother with trying to locate it in that incredibly long, poorly sorted list ;-)


It doesn’t seem to be a general problem with Intellij, e.g. Java works fine.