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practicalli/clojure-deps-edn is a collection of Clojure CLI tools.deps to provide a default set of aliases and tools for development with deps.edn based projects. Currently there are over 30 aliases, covering a range of tools for development, testing, deployment, dependency version management, dependency visualization, etc Library versions within aliases are updated monthly (or sooner if new releases are announced here). Updates can be done any time using the :outdated alias. Aliases use meaningful names (hopefully) and encourage a common set of names for deps.edn project (although they are easily changed to what ever your needs are) Suggestions for further tools are most welcome, along with pull requests.

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Thanks for the README shout out to my dot-clojure file as inspiration! 🙂


I think some of your aliases are longer than I would want to type in!


Credit where credit is due. You are a great inspiration to my work, thank you. Yes, I did thing that some people prefer shorter names 🙂 I prefer longer names that have meaning to me, maybe others will find them useful or simply shorten them. I can imagine that shorter ones may be used in project specific deps.edn files.


Can you alias an alias?


No. Aliases do not compose in any way. Unfortunately.


This would be ripe ground for shell completion functionality 🙂


cljs-brawl is released! There are not many games written in clojure/script, especially not real-time action games with WebGL, UI/font rendering, mass point dynamics, inverse kinematics and skeletal animation but I had to make one. Enjoy! Game URL : Source URL :

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This is awesome. Had a ton of fun playing!! Thx for sharing!!


I'm glad you like it, thanks! :)


Great work!


Really cool :)

David Pham08:06:18

This is amazing!

Jakub Zika05:06:12

Cant click on the start when trying on Android :-(