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@lee was clojure-lsp a dropin replacement of rewrite-cljc then?


If you ignore the hacks I did due to the fact that rewrite-cljc is not up on clojars yet.


beauty! I actually vendor rewrite-clj so I'm gonna convert this weekend. Amazing work and dedication on this project, thank you!


You might want to wait until this is up on clojars... but... up to you! 🙂

snoe17:06:39 I'm gonna mull it over, are you waiting on clj-commons before going to clojars?


Ya, I don’t want to confuse with a lread version and then a clj-commons version.

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snoe: fyi, I've also vendored rewrite-clj, for 3 reasons: 1) I didn't want to deal with whitespace because I'm only linting (for you this is different, since you actually rewrite). 2) fixed bugs (namespaced maps, maybe some others) 3) I wanted to deal differently with metadata nodes: I wanted metadata to be a child of a node, not a parent.


however, I might include the "real" rewrite-clj as well in the future, if actually want to rewrite something like clj-kondo config. who knows


anyway, I'm very excited about rewrite-cljc ❤️


I also volunteer as co-maintainer if you want


(as it's going to be on clj-commons)


@snoe, rewrite-cljc also brings in the paredit API from rewrite-cljs which might be of interest to you, dunno.

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@borkdude, that would be great!


@lee awesome, good to hear! That repo contains some code to watch clojars and send PRs to Repos that might need project.clj updates. We're about to release that to the community, along with a few other tools that people will hopefully find useful. One for formatting and one for adding clj-kondo are almost ready to go (speaking of rewrite-clj!)


I'm excited to start using rewrite-cljc when it's ready


cool! I’ll announce when rewrite-cljc is up on clojars. It is open source, so... not sure when, but it’ll get there.

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