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Busy escaping the comfort zone11:04:31

Hi fellow Clojurians just wanted to share a short post I wrote about how I use Clara rules for flow automation in

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)15:04:22

Better place is #news-and-articles

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Busy escaping the comfort zone08:04:56

Cool had no idea that channel existed ill use that one next time, thanks for heads up

Adam Helins16:04:58

A new Clojure/script library for automatically serializing functions and impossible things like infinite sequences : The idea is pretty simple, but it was really tricky to reach a solution that would work with different serializers (currently Nippy and Transit), both in Clojure and Clojurescript. For my work, this is extremely useful. Way more convenient than, for instance, serializing vectors like [:my-fn-or-event 1 2 :argument] that we have to curate and handle ourselves. Here, we just use functions as functions, and given a minimum of intrusion, those functions are automatically serializable. Please, let me know if the README is clear enough and if you find the whole idea interesting ;)

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eccentric J17:04:06

Can you add an example of the serialized output to the README?

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In the first code snippet in this section: Is 'user/range-range a typo for 'user/random-range?


Also, typos s/explicitely/explicitly/ s/destructing/destructuring/ s/counterintuive/counterintuitive/ s/medata/metadata/

Adam Helins19:04:30

@U883WCP5Z Thanks, too much typing for the day! @U8WFYMFRU, the output is whatever the chosen serializer uses. If you use Nippy with the Nippy plugin, you will get a byte-array. I don't know if that helps?

eccentric J19:04:58

Oh! I was under the impression that it returns strings but I guess I’m not familiar enough with the problem space.

Adam Helins19:04:36

That's the thing, the core API does not do the serialization itself, it provides utilities for existing ones. It is a bit hard to explain if you don't use that sort of things (nippy or transit).


Martian, the http abstraction library 0.1.12 release This release adds support for: • Path parameters (thanks • Route definition spec (turn on spec instrumentation to use it) • clj-http-lite module (thanks This release improves: • Handling of additionalProperties (thanks • Handling of open maps (thanks • Remove implicit `martian-httpkit` dependency from `martian-test` (thanks

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