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So i have a reagent app in an S3 and am trying to hit it with a Lambda

(defn handle-event [event]
  (let [s3   (aws/client {:api :s3})
        file (aws/invoke s3 {:op :GetObject :request {:Bucket "my-bucket" :Key "public/index.html"}})]
    (pprint event)
     "statusCode"        200,
     "statusDescription" "200 OK"
     "isBase64Encoded"   false
     "headers"           {
                          "Content-Type" "text/html"}

     "body" (slurp (:Body file))}))

(defn key->keyword [key-string]
  (-> key-string
      (st/replace #"([a-z])([A-Z])" "$1-$2")
      (st/replace #"([A-Z]+)([A-Z])" "$1-$2")

(defn -handleRequest [this is os context]
  (let [w (io/writer os)]
    (-> (json/read (io/reader is) :key-fn key->keyword)
        (json/write w))
    (.flush w)))
i originally just had “index.html” in the handle event function but was getting 502 no that i have “public/index.html” it hits but it comes up blank and the console says Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<'


I’ve tried changing the content-type to text/javascript and application/javascript but then it just displays the literal html in the browser