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Hello everybody! Today I have a couple of exciting news! First the release of the Pathom Viz electron app! This is a stand-alone application to give tooling support for developers using Pathom on their applications. This app includes: Query Runner - This provides a query runner with auto-complete support and query history. - Provides tracing feature to debug queries - A new visualisation to support the improved query planner, still experimental, but with great capabilities to Index Explorer - A tool to allow navigation in the the web of the connect index of your parser. Requests (currently cljs parsers only) - Captures queries running in your parser so you can inspect a debug as they from your application. This allows you to connect in Pathom parsers defined both in Clojure or ClojureScript. You can download the client at: For more information check the docs at Hope you enjoy this release, cheers!

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I published for all platforms, but I only have a Mac to test, so confirmation if Linux and Windows builds are working properly will be very welcome 🙏

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Windows build looks OK 🙂


I've been working with the latest cljs and imagining a brand new react wrapper for hook based use

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Roman Liutikov14:04:03

Rum 0.11.5 is available now. More info in release notes

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Hi, after a few months working I wanted to share with you my project: a Disqus clone API to be independent in Clojure. Also, a system to migrate the comments: Glosa


Updated figwheel, reagent and clj-new to latest in my little create-reagent-app cli template. This is a low opinion template that just gets you on the right track early in the development process.

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spire 0.1.0-alpha.6 released - implement external code loading via require or load-file - #25 - Fix hanging or breaking file upload when using multibyte unicode :content - #38 - Make upload file :src path relative to executing script's folder - #39

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