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Just ordered my PinePhone!


Probably going to be crap, but still


You probably want to order a battery pack too


@dominicm Does the battery not come with it?


@glfinn83 it does, but with the battery life being so short...

Ben Hammond11:04:27

React question; I see this error when I try to split functionality into a subcomponent

VM2781 react_devtools_backend.js:6 Warning: Cannot update a component (`) while rendering a different component (`uix.newgame-dialog/switchgroup`). To locate the bad setState() call inside `uix.newgame-dialog/switchgroup`, follow the stack trace as described in 
I appreciate it is telling me that a sub-component cannot start ratttling the cage of a different component's StateHook but doesn't that significantly impair composability of React components?

Ben Hammond11:04:41

I know I can work around this by using a global state manager like xframe.core.alpha but I just want to make sure I've properly understood the issue

Ben Hammond11:04:18

Essentially I have a navbar menu item that flicks the visibilit flag on a Dialog

Ben Hammond11:04:44

and they are in completely different components

Ben Hammond11:04:03

I suppose I could make them the same component and do the portal thing,

Ben Hammond11:04:16

but that would; be proper tail-wagging-the-dog


No, I think the problem is that you're calling it while rendering!


You shouldn't have side effects when rendering

Ben Hammond11:04:42

ah right you are

Ben Hammond11:04:20

I was setting default-when-missing values WITHIN the render

Ben Hammond11:04:53

its okay to infer default values within render

Ben Hammond11:04:56

just not to set them


You can set an initial value for the state


You may use useEffect if you want to set state on mount

Ben Hammond11:04:51

oooh interesting, hadn't thought of it that way


I didn't know I was there 😂 I'm not entirely sure why I am, I guess because I was part of the discussions.


The new slack UI leaves very little vertical space for small (12") screens…


Oh yea, I can’t use slack on a small screen at all!


ripcord to the rescue :)


Oh nice, how is that?


I can see all the way up to my conversation with Ben Hammond. Very happy.


Oh cool, so it records local history? Any issues with some of the other functionality like threading or emoji’s/reactions?

clj 4

Hello, thread


Works clojurian perfectly :)


It picks up the history from slack I think, no special recording.


Ah ok, was just wondering if over time it recorded the history, so you could scroll back further than slack lets you see if you had it open…


No, that would be cool though


As an aside, anyone got any good ways of grabbing the record symbol? I’m trying to do stuff with protocols/records, and I was using the class, but a single namespace reload in my repl means that my old class is not = to my new class… I really want to be able to say things like, give me all the record instances that are this record, or conform to this protocol… I’m beginning to think records/protocols are a bit more trouble than their worth… namespaced maps + multimethods might be better, even with the perf penalty, but it’s not worth doing a rewrite right now… Maybe I spoke to soon, having an atom with some sim state comprised of records+protocols doesn’t work in repl, loading in the ns just breaks everything :(… Looks like it’s time to rewrite everything with multimethods…


why does :clojurian: look like a volcano? clojurian 😕


A belated Good Morning!

Ben Hammond17:04:57

its always a good morning somewhere

Ben Hammond17:04:06

(if you travel far enough)