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Faisal Hasnain17:08:28

Open-source Hacker News Reader built using ClojureScript & Re-frame cljs Any feedback/contributions are most welcome 🙂

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nice one, with pretty sweet readability!

Faisal Hasnain21:08:51

thanks alot 😊


heads up: if I'm in the middle of a comment thread, it can be hard to tell if I'm looking at a root or leave node

Faisal Hasnain21:08:06

yeah, nested comments can easily become messy, do u have any ideas to simplify the nested comments and make them readable. it definitely requires some serious thought.

Faisal Hasnain21:08:45

I only added left margin to reflect nesting level


I think this color difference as HN does would cut it or a single line 🙂

Faisal Hasnain18:08:37

color difference is available on my reader as well. i think, i have not clearly understood what you mean?

Faisal Hasnain18:08:57

> looking at a root or leave node Nesting does not help that to distinguish?


> . i think, i have not clearly understood what you mean? I mean, in my screenshot there's a white zone and a beige zone. that helps me identifying the root nodes. > Nesting does not help that to distinguish? up to a point 🙂

Faisal Hasnain18:08:25

I have also used colors.

Faisal Hasnain18:08:40

here on left, you see appended extra white space for nested comments, to distinguish root vs leaf nodes

Faisal Hasnain18:08:48

or you mean something else?


Here, how do you know the Slightly off topic but (nearly) two years ago my father had a bad stoke. comment is a root comment? it could be a child of a larger comment

Faisal Hasnain18:08:39

yeah, now i get that. yeah, on larger screen its adding extra space on both side, so making it hard to distinguish between these two.

Faisal Hasnain18:08:02

so i have two ideas, one is to to move the root comments to extreme left to, and other idea is to show slightly different color for root comments. what do you say? i lean to former than later


personally I like how HN does it. which is similar to how Soundcloud (a more modern example) does it

Faisal Hasnain19:08:05

i have pushed an update, refresh now and let me know does it solve the problem?


checked, seems to do the job! 🍻

Faisal Hasnain19:08:52

thanks for your feedback 🤝


btw, vertical whitespace seems quite condensed


(I'm open to be convinced) only stands out in the original

Faisal Hasnain19:08:30

i mean share url from hacker-news app

Faisal Hasnain19:08:25

i am using hnpwa api which give pre generated html

Faisal Hasnain19:08:32

i am not doing any custom styling

Faisal Hasnain19:08:04

i think it appears same as on HN, only line spacing might be little bit different

Faisal Hasnain19:08:31

or you mean to point something else? 🙂


adding this rule seems to make both screenshots more similar

Faisal Hasnain19:08:43

Got it 👍 Will apply fix soon

Faisal Hasnain09:08:53

pushed the fix 🎉


looks legit to me 🤝

Faisal Hasnain09:08:56

Thanks for feedback 🤝


[nubank/workspaces "1.0.10"] is out! This version improves the tab styles, fixing width and allowing more tabs to be visible at once.

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This looks super cool