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@cfleming I love the REPL-commands. One additional thing I would like to be able to do, is replace the selection with the result. Would that be possible?


This is a really cool one, I used to do this a lot in Emacs. You can then write parts of your program with Clojure


Yes, there are a lot of this sort of command that you might want to have, and I don’t want to implement them all and have a combinatorial explosion of possibilities. So my plan is to extend the REPL commands to allow you to build the ones you use yourself.


Is there a way to do this in Cursive? (Ctrl-Space - extend selection from Emacs). Similar to Ctrl-W in Cursive, but going forward, not up.


looks like you can just "Toggle Sticky Selection", and then navigate forward


Yes, this is the best option right now. I’d like to implement “Extend selection left/right” too.


does anyone have a decent clojurescript+node.js+deps.edn+(n)repl workflow down?


@U3BALC2HH I usually use 2 REPL The first one, a regular cursive clojure REPL where I call:

(shadow.api/watch :my-node-app)
Where the shadow-cljs.edn looks something like this
{:deps   true
 :nrepl  {:port 9000}
 :builds {...
Then I start other "remote repl", connected on port 9000 This REPL is managed by shadow-cljs and I can call
(shadow.api/repl :my-node-app)
to "dig in" nodejs REPL


ok. I'm seeing online that you need to maintain a seperate project.clj to "trick" cursive into playing appropriately with shadow-cljs ... is that still the case?


That's the main reason I've avoided shadow-cljs up until now


(also thanks for taking the time to respond!)


shadow-cljs can use "built in deps", deps.edn or project.clj #cursive just handle deps used at deps.edn or project.clj In that example, I'm using deps.edn, but should work with project.clj too

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okay I'll give that a shot