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Joe Lane18:08:16

@ddeaguiar, yesterday I succeeded at adding vase to datomic cloud as an ion. It was non-trivial and I've Identified a few bugs in the current CloudConnection record which prevented ions from working out of the box. I'd like to contribute back to vase, but in order to write tests for this functionality it would require ions be deployed in the test harness. How would you like me to proceed (I've already signed the CA)?


@lanejo01 thanks for taking the initiative on this! The Datomic Cloud tests are not part of the current CI builds. IIRC, the assumption is that a Datomic Cloud instance has been provisioned. I’d need to think more through how we’d want to accommodate testing for this but I’m interested in learning more about the issues. Perhaps create a PR just for demonstration purposes?

Joe Lane18:08:16

Will Do. I'm using it on a work project right now so I have a LOT of doc ideas for fern style vase usage.