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Also in build-tooling related news, we've just released garamond, a tools.deps-based utility which manages versions via git tags and also post-processes clojure-generated pom.xml to include versions, groupIds, and a few other bits of helpful metadata. Follow-ups in #tools-deps please.

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dispacio is an experimental, simple, predicate stack dispatch system. Predicates are tested in the order they are defined and the first truthy match wins. Features being worked on: - similar interface to defmethod - isa? hierarchies, similar to defmethod - prefer a la prefer-method - dispatch on arbitrary functions or specs, datomic/datalog queries, core.match, etc. - extend functions to data types, rather than data types to functions - small, simple, cljc codebase See the examples in the readme: This is an very alpha release - expect changes. If you see anything unexpected, please open an issue.

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