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eccentric J00:12:26

Anyone else added [nrepl "0.5.3"] to their profiles.clj and still get this issue?


@jayzawrotny It seems to work in a project context. running lein repl without a project.clj being present still causes the issue with [nrepl "0.5.3"] added

eccentric J06:12:10

Oh! Thank you


if using homebrew, how do i rollback to lein 2.8.1? googling isn’t helping me


putting [nrepl "0.5.3"] in either ~/.lein/profiles.clj or project.clj isn’t fixing it for me


brew unlink leiningen && brew install 


This is what I did (if I remember correctly):

brew list --versions leiningen
brew switch leiningen 2.8.1


that commit SHA is lein 2.8.1's formula


@robert-stuttaford Whats the error that you get when you put it in ~/.lein/profiles.clj with 2.8.2?


@jayzawrotny @robert-stuttaford I’m 100% certain that if you’re still getting an error with nREPL 0.5.3, it’s not the original problem but likely some legacy middleware in your profiles.


Unfortunately nothing can be done if you have something with a hardcode dep on the legacy tools.nrepl (e.g. whidbey, ultra, old versions of cider-nrepl, refactor-nrepl, piggieback, drawbridge, etc) and they’ll have to be updated.

eccentric J08:12:12

I’m trying to use master now but I’m not sure how to do that… lein upgrade master was definitely not the right sauce for this dish


Also @jayzawrotny, if you run leinigen from master it works


I cloned the repo, then - cd leiningen-core - lein bootstrap - The used the executable at bin/lein in the project root. This seems to work for me

eccentric J08:12:37

Thanks, trying it now.


@jayzawrotny Yeah, I noticed. There’s some problem with the merging of profiles that’s unrelated to the original issue. Outside of a project the dependency is simply not picked up, so you really need to upgrade lein to master.

eccentric J08:12:05

Ok, sorry for the duplicated support effort.

eccentric J08:12:04

Whew! Master works. Thanks again.

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