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@bozhidar: Thanks for your recent reply to my github issue. As an aside will this: always guarantee that my response middleware occurs after eval and before pr-values? It feels like I need to also specify pr-values in there (presumably as a :requires in order to force mine to always be between those two.


Yeah, you have to be a bit more specific in the descriptor to make sure the middleware gets inserted properly in the final vector.


Cool. Will give that a try. Is there an easy way to inspect the order of the final middlewares?


I just filed an issue to yagni but there might be a chance that it's a cider-nrepl issue maybe?

Nick Stares17:12:42

Can the result of cider-interactive-eval be made to be sent to repl? If I get an error it is currently sent to the *Messages* buffer


try using the cider-insert-* style commands. they will do what the interactive ones do but put it in the repl instead. There's a map at C-c C-j [key] where k is defun, expression, and region

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Nick Stares17:12:14

Thanks! In my case (cider-insert-in-repl "(do (ns user) (reset))" 't) did the trick.