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tony.kay02:11:46 Fulcro Incubator’s state machines now support triggering events on other machines from within a handler. This allows for cooperating state machines in the UI.

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@miro - Is it BPM standard compliant ?


hi @UBU0HGKHP, it's recommended to keep question/discussion out of #announcements. You can use a thread, or switch to a topic-specific channel.


Oops. My bad. Will keep in mind next time.

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hi @UBU0HGKHP, atm it is not. Though potentially I may be looking into converting to/from BPMN in future if there is any demand for it. I made deliberately this decision as with titanoboa I was trying to keep the definitions of workflows more succinct - so e.g. in titanoboa every step (aka activity in BPMN) is also treated as a gateway as you can define which steps to trigger afterwards based on some conditions. On the level of each step you can also define that if more than one of its gateway conditions are fulfilled that all the following activities will be run in parallel. Then you can at some point define steps that will join the parallel threads of the workflow together etc.

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also - as opposed to full blown BPM systems - I am currently using titanoboa mainly for system integration workflows, so it is not (yet) built for workflows that involve human interaction


We now support installation & configuration of many devops tools like aws-amicleaner, terraform, packer, aws-cli & simple credentials config, dda-cloudspec, mfa tool & much more


Clojurists Together has held our first election for people to serve on the committee. The members of Clojurists Together have elected Nola Stowe, Fumiko Hanreich, and Laurens Van Houtven!

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Hanami 0.4.0 and Saite 0.2.0 released. Updated to latest Vega, Vega-Light and changes to activate latest Vega-Embed capabilities. The major change for this release are full 'picture frames' for visualizations Previously, on the top quadrant was supported. Still a lot of documentation needed for Hanami, but coming along!

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