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Anyone know how dangerous the lasers on teh bottom f optimal mice are I was trying to clean off some dust, accidently stared into it, and now sight is (temporarily) weird.


Not sure, but I doubt it can be that dangerous, or they couldn't sell it so casually


I'm sure your vision will come back pretty quick


Sight is fine now. πŸ™‚


Anyone know when conj conference will be available on youtube?


i think in the past they have been as quick as same day. but i would just wait and expect to hear things within a few days. they are pretty visible when announced


I’m also watching for Stu’s talk to drop! Twitter search shows that he’s talking about datafy, nav, and something called Read Eval Browse Loop :)

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:11:11

Should be available later today

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thanks @alexmiller looking forward


I had to pick my jaw off the floor. I thought protocol extension via metadata was cool but didn't see possibilities like the REBL. Amazing stuff.


it seems cool and i want to see the talk. I'm just a little worried that this will make some things easy not simple. things that look the same and print the same and compare equal will behave differently.


i'm not pessimistic on the feature at all that's just one worry that is in the back of my head


It’s out:

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wow. that's fast even for an alex miller operation πŸ™‚

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:11:09

I really have no hand in this :)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:11:22

Props go to the video team!

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theeternalpulse18:11:19 This was interesting and seems like one of the better distillations of functional programming. You can take or leave the js/typescript part


interesting. "rebl is free as in beer". thanks for the really cool looking tool. looking forward to playing with it


It'll be nice to stop navigating and formatting data in the REPL, just such that I can get it in to a shape that I understand. Having a graphical interface for navigating the raw data and seeing graphs over data is, I think, a huge addition to "REPL driven development".


And I can imagine extending the nav protocol in custom ways just to understand what would happen in certain situations. Things like: * Extending the bidi or compojure routes, navigating an API to see what it returns. * Extending a GraphQL library for navigation in the REBL. And whenever clojure data, urls, datomic entities or anything else is encountered, one can just keep on browsing and exploring that.


can't wait for get/post semantics to crop up πŸ™‚


a github repo with just a readme that is a link to the page to download a project after agreeing to an eula seems like it runs counter to the expectations of what you find at the other end of a github link

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> You may not use REBL for commercial use. its not clear to me that i can use this at work then.


ie commercial adjacent while developing commercial products but not including them in the product

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eccentric J19:11:04

Is there a common or expected place to put jar files? Like usr/bin/ or something along those lines?


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