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@mario.cordova.862 I assume you know about SPC p t for opening the tree (neotree) in the current project. Have you used R when the tree (neotree) is open, this lets you change the root that neotree uses. I am unsure if that is a permanent setting though, but something easy to try.

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SPC 0 is the one I use for the tree, not sure if this is just in the devleopment branch though

Mario C.19:11:28

@jr0cket SPC p t works nicely, but it would be nice to have neotree open up at a certain directory as the root. I have all my projects in a projects directory


@mario.cordova.862 semi-related, but I completely forgot about neotree once I got used to SPC p f and friends. Fuzzy matching is usually faster, and for relative navigation there's always SPC f f (or helm-find for rec. searches)


Yes, after getting used to Projectile I rarely use tree -C from the command line or neotree. They became only a way to internalize a directory structure, not to actually handle the files or browse them.