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@otfrom it's kind of a security nightmare if you aren't careful where you're exposing the listening host/port but gotty is kinda neat - I recently used it in conjunction with a little ssh tunneling action (behind a VPN.. it makes me nervous otherwise)


I've heard of people using nx (nee nomachine) for this but I've only ever used that for remoting into my home linux stuffs graphically (way nicer than VNC)


heya folks.. i’m trying to use the pack.alpha via:

	clj -A:pack -m mack.pack.alpha.capsule \
		uberjar.jar \
		--application-id my-cool-app \
		--application-version $(shell date -u +'%y.%m.%dT%H:%M:%S')-$(shell git rev-parse HEAD) \
		-m my-cool-app.core

           :pack {:extra-deps {pack/pack.alpha {:git/url ""
                                                :sha "ddbbdbd4001c75647deddaad0f8bb7dc954fcb6f"}}}}}
but i’m getting Exception in thread "main" Could not locate mack/pack/alpha/capsule__init.class, mack/pack/alpha/capsule.clj or mack/pack/alpha/capsule.cljc on classpath. errors. it feels like i’m missing a really obvious step here, can someone help clarify?