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Does anyone have any recommendations for working with graphs in Clojure? In particular I'm looking at using community detection algorithms like Louvain. So far I've checked out: - JUNG (jungerer) - good but no community detection algorithms - Loom - same story - Spark (sparkling) - Louvain plugin available, but hit compilation errors immediately - Neo4j - the good stuff is only exposed via Cypher query language, was hoping to use it directly in a Clojure REPL


I’m creating a library for community detection based on loom. Haven’t gotten around implementing louvain yet, only the girvan-newman algorithm. Hopefully, that’ll be done soon. Will post it here.

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Stellar, thanks!


FWIW i didn’t find any other solutions. I’m currently just making the data in a REPL and saving to CSV to explore in Gephi


jgrapht with the jgrapht-sna plugin might be a good option, the sna plugin is a bit unmaintained so it might make sense to just grab the bits of code you need in a fork though


@cbowdon we released a library for OrientDB some time ago:


@joelkuiper @mdallastella Thanks both, I’ll check these out!


Feel free to open any ticket on github, it's been a while since the last update...

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Hanami 0.4.0 and Saite 0.2.0 released. Updated to latest Vega, Vega-Light and changes to activate latest Vega-Embed capabilities. The major change for this release are full 'picture frames' for visualizations Previously, only the top quadrant was supported. Still a lot of documentation needed for Hanami, but coming along!

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