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🧵 Day 23 Solutions Thread: post your solution here


Solved it by hand LOL, gonna write a code later

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I have part1, finally. But now I see part 2. Maybe in the morning...

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@U076FM90B how many time did you spend?


A lot 😅 I had a bug and had to make a big break just to refresh my head. From day 20 I feel tired a bit


Hope the last one won’t be so tough

norman19:12:37 complete rewrite from part1 last night - I really liked this problem even though it was way too much work


The visualization get more and more life-like every year :)

Andrew Byala08:12:01

Oof, I did not enjoy today’s puzzle, but darn it I got the code done! Part 1 with the test data takes a little over a minute to process, but the puzzle data and both inputs to Part 2 take between 6 and 10 minutes to run apiece. Can’t say I’m super proud of this one, but the code works and it’s actually fairly simple to look at, even if it’s inefficient! •

Antonio Bibiano09:12:08

i can't figure out a strategy for this one, I wanted to do a dumb bruteforce but I run out of memory, even though top doesn't show more than 80%, is that normal?


@U01HY37QQUA It might be you have too many possible movements.


still haven’t written the code but here is my steps to solve the problem

Antonio Bibiano13:12:20

Yeah I also had a small bug in the calculation of possible states

Antonio Bibiano13:12:39

Now it's slowly chugging along :D

Antonio Bibiano13:12:51

I also resorted to solving part 1 manually just to see part 2 and boy oh boy i made my code really hard to extend :D


I found a nice tool to help you solve your input by hand 🙌:skin-tone-2:

Callum Oakley21:12:22

a day behind now because of Christmas commitments… Dijkstra again. by a stroke of luck I barely had to change anything for part 2. 14s/17s

Antonio Bibiano08:12:22

I also finished my brute force today, takes a few minutes on the example, more than 2 hours on part 1 and again a few minutes on part 2 :D